"Shao-Lin Kung Fu is the martial arts against which all other martial arts are measured!"

We are pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2005 - We are the first non-hidden fee school in the Tri-Cities!

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Head Instuctor: Jason Walters

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#1 Fighting Style in the World!






















Learn True Self Defense!


The Most Complete Martial Art System In The World!

*Highest Quality Training!

*Best Prices in Town!

* We invite you to come join us and see how our training can make a difference in your life!


The First Week is Always FREE!


We offer Authentic Tai Chi Classes on

Tuesday & Thursday

call for more information: 423-306-2429


(Elder Master Gary Mullins, Sifu Jason Walters 

& Sifu Wyn Herbert are the *only*

Shaolin Certified Tai Chi and Kung Fu Instructors in the Tri-Cities)


" Pound the Ground "
This class will focus on shaolin ground technique from some of your favorite tiger, monkey, bird forms... and more!
The class will practice ground attacks, defenses, counter attacks and breaks!
Thursdays ~ 7:30 to 8:30

During All Rank Class


Here at Kingsport Shaolin Center, we are dedicated to passing the tradition of Shao-Lin.  We are committed to life long fitness, self defense and mental well being. Our curriculum allows every student to apply their strengths and challange their weaknesses. We offer a journey of personal growth and development that allows you to understand intellectual knowledge and internalized understanding. 


We teach authentic traditional Chinese ShaoLin Kung Fu—over 1,600 years of tradition, philosophy and technique that trains both body and mind. Founded in the 6th century by Ch'an Buddhist monks in Northern China, ShaoLin Kung Fu is the martial art against which all other martial arts are measured. Jason Walters is the Instructor for the Kingsport school.  He received his Black Sash from Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' and is the only Instructor in Kingsport to be certified by 8th degree Elder Master Garry Mullins to teach Shao-Lin Kung Fu and Tai Chi.



What makes Shao-Lin Kung Fu different or much more special than other Martial Arts?

Chinese ShaoLin Kung Fu is a traditional martial art developed during the sixth century in the Honan province of Northern China by Buddhist monks as a way of self-defense and of disciplining both mind and body. While the fighting skills of the ShaoLin monks are legendary, their underlying philosophy has always focused on the avoidance of conflict by approaching potentially dangerous situations from a position of discipline, strength, and skill.  Combat techniques and knowledge honed over centuries of practice and application have resulted in a martial arts system that is unparalleled for both its effectiveness in combat and as a way of mental and physical development.  For more information about the history of our system, see our History page.


Do I have to be in good physical shape to take classes?

Beginners are encouraged to go at their own speed, and will find that their strength and stamina improve rapidly with regular attendance at class. However, as with all strenuous exercise, we recommend you consult your doctor before beginning class if you have not been exercising regularly.


What are classes like?

Classes begin with a warm-up and then move into drills of basic stances, punches and kicks. Depending on advancement, students work on forms specific to their level. Practical applications to the techniques that have been learned are given.


Who will be teaching me?

Mullins ShaoLin Kung Fu and Tai Chi of Kingsport’s instructor, Jason Walters, has studied martial arts under Elder Master Garry Mullins for over six years and was awarded his black belt in the ShaoLin system by Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé. Jason's Teacher/Master, 8th Degree Elder Master Garry Mullins, has studied under Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé since 1973.



What will I learn?

ShaoLin Forms: A series of movements which develop agility and endurance and include various fighting techniques.

Chin Na: Techniques from the ancient Chinese art of holds and releases. Animal forms: Fighting techniques based on the movements and behaviors of animals such as Tiger, Dragon, Praying Mantis, Monkey, and Crane.

Weapon forms: Some of the weapons used are the Staff, Spear, Broadsword, 3-section Staff, Chain Whip and Kwang Tao.


How long does it take to get a black belt?

Students get a black sash when they are ready and not before. We are not in the “belt business” so to speak. To get a black sash in our system requires understanding, practice and ability that can only be acquired by years of application. We accept nothing less than that from our students. However, on average, it takes a minimum of 3 ½ years to earn a black sash.


Why so long? There are other martial arts schools that will give you a black belt in 18 months.

We are passing on a centuries-old tradition that has very high standards, and we will not compromise those standards. To get a black belt in our system requires knowledge, experience and skill that can only be acquired by years of practice. There are no shortcuts.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You will pay one month at a time. To sign up for a week of free classes, call 423-306-2429.






E-Mail Us at: CrazyDragon@Kingsport-Shaolin.com


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